Athena 3D Manufacturing’s founder, Memo Romero, is a mechanical engineering graduate of MIT and Stanford University. He brings 28 years of industry experience in semiconductors, power systems, thermal engineering, and product development to Athena 3D, which we share with our clients. Memo has over 20 U.S. patents, numerous publications, and has designed products for NASA, the International Space Station, as well as countless well-known industrial and automotive companies.

Memo Romero founded Athena 3D once he saw how production 3D printing had the power to revolutionize product design. He chose to partner with HP to give engineers and designers access to superb bulk parts in less time.


Revolutionizing Digital Manufacturing

Founded in 2019, Athena 3D Manufacturing is a trusted digital manufacturing partner in Phoenix, Arizona.  Athena 3D challenges the traditional notion of how products are designed, fabricated, and brought to market. 

We were founded with a singular focus: to create production-quality parts with production volumes and pricing.  Athena 3D is embracing and leading the digital manufacturing revolution.

Thanks to our mulit-jet fusion and additive manufacturing technology, Athena 3D offers significant advantages over other production 3D printing technology, both in quality and pricing.  As an HP digital manufacturing partner, we educate mechanical engineers on how to take full advantage of this technology.