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From creating 3D models to producing functional prototypes and performing analysis, the Athena engineering team has your needs covered

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mechanical engineering services

Designed and tested for the toughest use cases

You have the ideas – let us handle the grunt work

Starting with your initial product concept,  Athena creates a carefully engineered solution that stands out from the competition while meeting every product requirement.

Our team will handle all of the hassle that comes with product development – from validating functionality to navigating manufacturing best practices and methodologies.

Modeling and Prototyping

From working design file to fully-functioning prototypes

Our team works with you to develop and baseline your engineering criteria, allowing us to create functional 3D models for your needs.

Needing a working prototype? With our combined industry experience and work with cross-functional teams, we can deliver a fully integrated prototype.

And because of our in-house industrial 3D printing capability, your project can quickly go from CAD to working prototype.

mechanical engineering services
mechanical engineering services

Analysis and Drawings

Completing the testing and sourcing steps of your product lifecycle

If you're wanting to test your products but don't have the capabilities, our analysis services are for you.

Taking your product use cases into consideration, we can perform testing that helps create a quality output that is built to last.

After completion of 3D modeling, prototyping, and analysis, engineering drawings can be created to capture design intent and prepare your product to be sourced for manufacturing.


Gain answers to common questions about our mechanical engineering design services.

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