3D Printing Manufacturing has many advantages over injection mold manufacturing, as well as many benefits to manufacturers, engineers and designers. From fully manufactured assemblies to parts within parts, 3D printing manufacturing offers you the ability to print unique parts through iterative design. Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of 3D printing manufacturing.

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Hi, my name is Memo Romero. I’m the owner at Athena 3D Manufacturing. 3D printing…it’s a newer technology, as opposed to injection molding or machining or casting. But in the last 10 years 3D printing has really become a viable option for many engineers and mechanical designers. The technologies that are available now have evolved over the last few years, but more recently, HP (Hewlett-Packard) has introduced their Multijet Fusion technology that has much higher speeds and much higher throughput, in general, than other technologies. Tooling cost for injection molding can range between a few thousand to a hundred thousand dollars for a complex injection of the component.  3D printing offers you unlimited flexibility without having to invest in injection on the tool. The other advantages are that when iterations are frequent, you can very quickly print multiple versions or derivatives of the same design. You can very quickly develop components that are industrial grade when volumes are not intended to be super high and where there’s a lot of complexity in the design. You can produce parts that cannot be produced any other way. Here’s a good example. This is a ball within a ball within a ball. Designs that require this kind of feature would have to be done in multiple components and put together. 3d printing technology allows you to embed components within other components. Feel free to use our online coding tool to get your parts made efficiently and quickly.